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South Florida-based airplane parts maker Heico Corp. has been around for decades, but the company as it’s known today is a result of a years-long evolution under the ownership of Laurans Mendelson, who acquired Heico in 1990 and set out to expand it.

Today, Heico Corp. (NYSE: HEI), which has operations in both Miami-Dade and Broward counties, designs, produces, repairs and distributes products and services to niche segments within a number of industries, in addition to reverse engineering state-of-the-art hardware for its clientele. Heico customers range from major commercial airlines to military agencies worldwide.

The publicly-traded firm is worth about $6.5 billion, with a growing portfolio of subsidiaries, which continue to supplement its array of offerings.

Most recently, Heico entered into an agreement to buy California-based firm AeroAntenna Technology Inc., a transaction that’s representative of Heico‘s goal of acquiring expertise in various level of technical craftsmanship.


Source: SFBJ

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